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Healthy and Safe Environment

We know our team members are unique and we strive to support each one as they complete the variety of tasks at hand from one day to the next. Cooper Farms strives to support all team members’ physical needs through a wellness program, on-staff nurses and through ergonomic improvements.

Safety staff members at all locations are responsible for conducting ergonomic studies, which analyze each job and provide suggestions for changes, improvements and job rotation. Not all ergonomic changes come as a result of these studies. Often, the team members themselves will submit ideas for improvement.

Two company locations have on-site fitness rooms available to any team member at that location. All locations offer fitness and nutrition classes based on team member interest and attendance.

Activate Healthcare Clinics

Cooper Farms’ partnership with Activate Healthcare enables us to provide primary care for team members who are on the company’s insurance plan. The Activate Health centers focus on spending more time with patients to look deeper into their whole health, as well as coach each person toward their goals. The best part? Activate Healthcare is free. If you are on Cooper Farms’ insurance plan, a typical visit will cost you $0 in copay and in most cases, you are able to get your prescriptions at the clinic at no cost to you.

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