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Environmental Care

Environmental Care

We believe that caring for the environment should be tied into all that we do as farmers.

We are committed to producing the best products, while reducing our waste, recycling, limiting our energy and water consumption, and using environmentally sound management practices.


At our Cooked Meats Plant in Van Wert, three wind turbines provide 75% of the plant’s power needs.

All locations work to lessen their energy needs while also providing safe work environments, quality animal care and high quality products.

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Recycling & Waste Reduction

Throughout all our locations we are constantly working to eliminate unnecessary materials and recycle those we use, in order to reduce or eliminate our landfill-bound waste. This is not an overnight process, but something to which we are committed and are working toward daily.

Manure Management

All animals produce waste. At Cooper Farms we have a variety of processes and programs in place to minimize odor, contain the waste and responsibly use the waste as natural fertilizer.

From a management level, we work with nutritionists to provide the nutrient each animal needs by age to provide healthy growth and good digestion.

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