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We are continuously striving to analyze our systems to use our resources as efficiently as possible.
As demand for meat and egg products increase, more land, water, electricity and fuel are needed to produce these products. In 2017, we began to vigorously examine our business to measure pounds of recycled materials. We formed recycling teams, unified the various company locations to formulate ideas collectively. As a result, we saw many minds working together to spearhead this recycling effort. Though we still see areas that can be improved, we are pleased with the outcome of our focused efforts.


Landill Free

Our sustainable journey is ongoing. As Cooper Farms grows, so does our potential footprint.


of company electricity is renewable


at one turkey breeder farm


wind turbines


renewable kwh produced last year

We take manure application seriously.

We perform soil testing, to ensure that our land needs the nutrients we apply.

Our on-staff environmental manager is available to advise our growers on Cooper Farms’ environmental policies.

We apply manure only when the weather conditions are optimal.

When applied correctly, manure can…

reduce the need for nitrogen fertilizers

increase soil carbon levels

decrease atmospheric carbon levels

reduce nitrate leaching

reduce erosion and runoff

We saved 483,251,604 gal of water last year.

How do we recycle water?

At our meat processing plants, we have our own water treatment systems. At our St. Henry plant we are able to treat and reuse water on-site. We also have programs in place that focus on ways that we can reduce water usage across all areas.

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