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Deli meat

Sliced Meats

Sliced deli turkey

Sliced Meats

Fully Customized to Your Liking

We offer hand-trimmed whole-muscle turkey, chicken, and ham cuts. Combined with a range of available ingredients, cooking methods, and packaging types, we allow you to fully customize your product.

Our Deli Meat Products

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Sliced ham
Food safety


Food Safety

Food safety is essential, which is why we maintain the highest standards throughout our process. We’ve adopted a number of measures that ensure the best quality product and protect your brand. Four clean room slicing lines provide a controlled environment to ensure quality and consistency. These rooms also allow us to precisely slice our products, maintaining the meat’s ideal texture and taste. High Pressure Pasteurization uses water pressure to ensure the highest food safety standards are met. This process eliminates the need for preservatives while delivering a longer shelf life.

All of our cooked products are either surface pasteurized in the original package or sold in the bag they were cooked in to guarantee food safety.

Our state-of-the-art cooking and slicing location has the capacity to cook more than 90 million pounds of turkey, chicken, and pork each year

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