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  • Where can I find Cooper Farms products? Cooper Farms produces products mainly for private label and foodservice needs. Our only company retail outlet is located in Oakwood, Ohio (Paulding County). For more information please visit our products page
  • What kind of products does Cooper Farms produce? Cooper Farms produces a variety of meat products for private label and foodservice. This includes turkey burgers, deli meat, sliced meat and chicken table eggs and liquid eggs.
  • Does Cooper Farms sell turkeys as a whole bird? Cooper Farms’ business model is based on adding value to our turkey products. We do not sell whole turkeys. Rather, we create turkey roasts, burgers, deli and sliced products from boneless meat cuts.
  • I live out of state and cannot drive to the Cooper Farms Country Store. Can the Cooper Farms Country Store mail products to me? At this time, the Cooper Farms Country Store does not ship products by mail.
  • Who do I need to contact in order to get turkeys for 4-H or FFA students’ projects? To order turkeys for 4-H or FFA students, contact your county’s extension agent. Your extension agent will then contact Cooper Farms’ Hatchery to place the order. We enjoy supporting the education of our local youth. Please, no personal orders.
  • Does Cooper Farms provide donations? Who should I contact? Cooper Farms supports a variety of community groups in local areas closest to their company locations in Ohio and Indiana. To request a donation, please complete our donation form.
  • I am interested in becoming a contract grower for Cooper Farms, who do I contact? We are often looking for quality individuals to raise our animals. If you would like more information, please complete the Grower Interest Form
  • I lost my Raw Roast Cooking Instructions, where can I find them? Raw roast cooking instructions can found by clicking HERE