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Welcome to Cooper Farms

At Cooper Farms, we believe in producing quality private-label products and hiring quality people to do the job.

Built on Culture

Our company was built on doing the right thing more than 85 years ago, and it remains that way today. Health of our animals and team members are our top priority, while maintaining personal relationships with our dedicated customers.

CF 85th Anniversary 38


They’ve Trusted Us Over the Years

Cooper Farms has become family for me and gifted me much knowledge to further my career and education. I feel like everyone is rooting for my success everyday and that’s not always easy to find elsewhere.

TM Story Lianna Green VW
Lianna Green CRS Quality Service Supervisor

The company as a whole goes above and beyond to help others in need. From community events to company events, Coopers really makes you feel like family. My experience with Cooper Farms has brought out the best in myself and others.

Natalie Reichert VW
Natalie Reichert Machine Operator CRS

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