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Cooper Farms Cuts Ribbon For New Hog Farm, "Hawk's Wing"

CONTINENTAL, OHIO — Cooper Farms celebrated the completion of their newest gilt development farm, Hawks Wing, with an open house on Friday, November 2. The new farm will be home to 1,600 young hogs as they grow from 15 pounds to approximately 200 pounds each.

The farm is another step in growth of the Cooper Farms hog division.

“The hogs in this farm will eventually move to our Grand Republic sow farm, which is currently being built in Williams County,” said Greg Cooper. Breeding Division General Manager. “Hawks Wing will employ one full-time team member, who will care for the hogs on a daily basis, but this is part of an expansion that will create 25 jobs.”

In an effort to improve animal care, this barn sits higher for easier loading. Hawks Wing was also designed with a new pen layout, holding about 80-85 hogs per pen. This allows for better movement throughout the pen. Also, the hogs will have a continuous supply of nutritionally perfect feed and fresh water, as is the case with all Cooper Farms barns.

“Animal care is always a top priority for us,” said Cooper. “Whenever we build a new barn, we have an opportunity to utilize new methods, equipment and ideas.”

To protect the health of the animals and team members, Hawks Wing is a shower-in/shower-out farm, meaning that anyone entering the barns must fully shower to enter or exit, washing away any bacteria that may have been carried on their clothing or body. The farm sits on 40 acres in Continental, Ohio and will be able to provide natural fertilizer for 100 acres per year.

The farm is named after the Hawks Wing mushrooms that were found abundantly on the land.