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Cooper Farms Donates Over 15,500 Pounds of Protein to Dayton and Defiance Areas

OAKWOOD, OHIO In a move that will certainly brighten the spirits of many this holiday season, Cooper Farms donated 15,642 pounds of deli meat, valued at almost $50,000, to a variety of Williams and Defiance County food pantries, the Paulding County Senior Center and the 50th Annual Feast of Giving in Dayton.

The Feast of Giving is held on Thanksgiving Day at the Dayton Convention Center. The event brings in over 8,000 guests who may be spending the holiday alone, homeless and less fortunate that may not be able to afford a warm meal or anyone else who wants to attend. This is the 50th Annual Thanksgiving dinner in Dayton and the 10th year under the current leadership group.

The recipients of the Williams and Defiance County donations included St. Mary’s Parish Ministry Center in Defiance, the Path Center in Defiance, Edgerton United Methodist Church and Grace Community Church in Bryan, Ohio.

The St. Mary’s Parish Ministry Center will not only keep part of the donation for their own use, but will also further distribute to other pantries within the upper Northwest Ohio area.

Cooper Farms has always made a point to give back to the areas they are located. With a new sow farm coming to the area, Cooper Farms is excited to begin building meaningful relationships with Williams County and further strengthen them in Defiance County.

“We saw an opportunity to help out a lot of families in these areas,” said COO, Gary Cooper. “We are in the protein business and we know that this is a true need year-round.”

The donations consisted of a variety of sliced and bulk deli items including turkey, chicken and ham and were delivered by team members of Cooper Farms.