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Cooper Farms Purchases Former Les Wenning Motors Location

Cooper Farms has announced the purchase of the former Les Wenning Motors location in Fort Recovery, Ohio. Cooper Farms will utilize the service area of the dealership as a maintenance and repair shop for Cooper Farms vehicles. The front of the building will be the new home to the hog farm service team.

Eric Ludwig, Director of Corporate Development, says one of the biggest reasons for the purchase was for biosecurity purposes.

“Our turkey service team and our hog service team had been housed in the same location,” he said. “This additional service space will allow us to separate the two teams to avoid cross-traffic between the two species.”

Another benefit to the new location will be the chance to bring multiple vehicle service areas together, as opposed to multiple locations.

“We had several vehicle service locations in the Fort Recovery area,” he said. “This allows us to combine service areas for our trucks, fleet and other equipment into one space.”