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3 Company Veterinarians

388 Contract Family Farmers

23 Health Service Specialists

Internal Auditors & 3rd Party Audits

All animals are housed indoors, with the utmost attention given to ample space, proper ventilation and air quality, comfortable temperatures, health, as well as sanitation.

No matter the type of barn layout, Cooper Farms is committed to providing a healthy space for our animals to grow.
A variety of marketing programs exist to give consumers options when shopping in the grocery store. For example, Cooper Farms raises turkeys that meet requirements to participate in the No Antibiotics Ever marketing program.
Chicken layers participate in a variety of egg marketing programs, which determine the type of housing. We believe all of these housing options provide optimal conditions for healthy chickens.

80% of our sow farms have open pen gestation

All farms in the United States will transition to 100% open pen gestation by 2025. We are on track to complete the transition by 2022.

20% of our turkeys participate in the no antibiotics ever marketing program

All turkeys are raised in barns, without cages. This is typical for the turkey industry.

50% GOAL

By 2021, we aim to increase to 40% cage-free style barns. 50% by 2023.

75% NOW

Currently, 75% of our chickens are in conventional style barns. 25% are cage-free style.

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