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Cooper Farms Donates Over 133,000 Pounds of Protein in 2019

OAKWOOD, OHIO — In 2019, Cooper Farms donated over 133,200 pounds of meat, helping to fulfill a need for protein at area foodbanks. In addition, a large amount of canned meat, as well as deli meat party trays, were donated to various organizations and events.

Many of the donations provided were for benefits or fundraising events being held in the community. Since meat is the most expensive part of a meal, the donation allows the organizations to eliminate a big expense and raise more money for their cause.

“We find it very important to donate to these types of causes,” said COO Gary Cooper. “We know protein is the most important part of a meal, but it can also be the most expensive. We’re happy to be able to provide it for all those in need.”

Some of the top recipients of donations included the West Ohio Foodbank, receiving more than 37,000 pounds, the CALL Food Pantry, receiving over 31,000 pounds and Trinity Friends Church at nearly 10,000 pounds.

“Majority of the places we donate to are right in our backyard,” Cooper said. “We enjoy having the opportunity to give back to the areas we do business. It’s a way to show that we truly appreciate the opportunity to be in such great communities.”