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Cooper Farms Donates Over 800 Cases of Product to Area Summer Lunch Programs

OAKWOOD, OH — Cooper Farms recently donated more than 800 cases, over 13,600 pounds, of turkey deli meat to food banks in the surrounding area. The donations were in honor of June being National Turkey Lovers’ Month.

“One of the main points of Turkey Lovers’ Month is to encourage people to eat more turkey,” said Gary Cooper, COO. “If we can do that and also help those in need get quality protein at the same time, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

The donations were made primarily to local summer lunch programs. For some families, the lunch provided may be the only meal eaten during the day. Many of these summer lunch programs provide not only a meal, but an activity to keep children active during their summer.

“The summer lunch programs that the local food banks and organizations put on are just tremendous,” Cooper said. “There are far too many hungry people in our area. Knowing this food is going to positively impact these families is a tremendous feeling.”

An estimated 46 million turkeys are consumed at Thanksgiving. However, two-thirds of the turkey produced annually is consumed during months other than November, proving turkey can be a go-to protein all year long.

“We’re really trying to share that turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving,” said Cooper. “Turkey can be used in a variety of ways just like any other meat, and it’s usually a healthier choice.”

Cooper Farms celebrated Turkey Lovers’ Month at their four locations by holding various activities, like grilling turkey burgers for team members, as well as giveaways and contests.