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Cooper Farms Opens Recruiting and Training Center

ST. HENRY, OH-Cooper Farms is pleased to announce the opening of their new Recruiting and Training Center located at 395 N Eastern Ave. St. Henry, Ohio, within the North Town Plaza. The center will hold interviews, orientations, training sessions and begin the team member experience. It will meet hiring needs for the company’s Mercer County locations.

To kick off the opening of the center, an open interview event was held on Wednesday, July 15. Open interviews will now be held the second Wednesday of every month, starting in August.

“We’re always striving to improve our team member experience at Cooper Farms,” said Director of Human Resources and Safety, Jack Staugler. “That experience starts even before they become Cooper Farms team members during the recruitment and interview process.”

Through various hands-on training sessions, all new recruits will be shown the skills needed in different positions to help Cooper Farms succeed both now, and in the future. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Cooper Farms is still recruiting across their locations. The center ensures the safety of new team members through the hiring and orientation process. Being able to implement social distancing and confidentiality during these processes will continue to be a very important aspect of what is provided to new team members. To reduce traffic flow at the St. Henry and Fort Recovery locations, all interviews will now be held at the Recruiting and Training Center.

“We had an opportunity to gain some office space in the plaza. This location not only enables us to focus on that team member experience, but to collaboratively work together to be able to expand candidates’ exposure to opportunities at both our St. Henry and Fort Recovery locations,” Staugler continues. “Candidates can learn about opportunities in our egg, chicken, turkey and hog areas all in one visit. It’s truly a one-stop shop.”

If interested in applying to Cooper Farms, go to to learn about all the current openings.